Traffic Ticket Amnesty

Special Arrangements in Place for Traffic Ticket Amnesty

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is advising that it has implement special arrangements; to accommodate the Traffic Ticket Amnesty on tickets issued before September 21, 2010 announced by the Minister of National Security. These activities form part of several measures to make it easier for customers to pay over their outstanding traffic fines.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I already paid my ticket tax however I am seeing the ticket as outstanding on the traffic ticket query system, what should I do?
  1. You should contact the Ministry of  National Security’s Hotlines at 928-2155, 928-3450, 928-9831, 928-4181, 930-3505, 930-0147, 930-0042.


  1. Do I need the physical traffic ticket(s) to pay?
  1. NO. However the ticket number must be presented at the Tax Office when making the payment. This information may be obtained by doing an online query or contacting the Ministry of National Security hotlines:928-2155, 928-3450, 928-9831, 928-4181, 930-3505, 930-0147, 930-0042. 


  1. I received my ticket after September 20, 2010, can I still benefit from the amnesty?

  1. NO.Tickets received outside specified amnesty period, will require an offender to pay using the normal procedures – at a Tax Office or online for tickets paid within 21 days of being issued or through the Courts.


  1.  I want to verify if I have an outstanding ticket, is there a website I can visit?

  1. Yes. Persons may visit any of the following websites to query if they have any outstanding ticket(s) or and click on the link query traffic ticket. Enter Driver’s Licence or Taxpayer Registration Number.


  1.  Can I make the payment online?

  1. No. Payment can only be made at any of the 29 Tax OfficesIsland wide.


  1. What is the best time to make a traffic ticket payment?

  1. To avoid delays persons are advised to avoid using the tax offices on or around the 14thor the last day of the month, which are due dates for tax payments and are usually very busy.


  1.  How long is will the amnesty period last?

  1. The amnesty period lasts six months (6)starting on July 1.


  1. Is there a limit on the number of ticket I can pay at once?

  1. No. However special arrangements have been made at the Tax Offices for persons who will be making payments for large numbers of tickets.


  1. Do I need to pay all my traffic tickets at the same time?

  1.  No. But to benefit from the amnesty all the tickets MUST be paid during the amnesty period.


  1. What will happen to my demerit points if I take advantage of the amnesty?

  1. Persons who take advantage of the amnesty will not lose points, as these will be expunged from the records. However points accrued after the specified period will still accumulate.


Amnesty now on for Motorists with unpaid Traffic Tickets

The Ministry of National Security, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, has announced the commencement of an amnesty on outstanding traffic tickets, issued before September 21, 2010.


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