Payroll Forms

Who files: This form must be completed by all Employers who are required to deduct and pay over statutory contributions and taxes on behalf of their employees.

S02 - EMPLOYERS ANNUAL RETURN - (for 2016 and subsequent years) Must File Online
S02 - EMPLOYERS ANNUAL RETURN (with Schedule A) - (for 2015 and preceding years) Must File Online
Who files: This form is to be completed by every employer to make a return of the pay and statutory deductions of every person who was in their employment (whether full-time, part-time or temporary) for the stated year. (Schedule A is attached)

S02 - SCHEDULE A - Must File Online


Employee Emoluments, Deductions & PAYE Taxes & Contributions.



S02 - SCHEDULE B - Must File Online
Employee Benefits and Perquisites.

S02 - SCHEDULE C - Must File Online

GART Rates