PAYE, Pensioner’s Refunds to be paid electronically

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is set to begin paying Income Tax refunds directly into bank accounts instead of making payments by cheques. An Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Project is now being piloted to accommodate the change. Beginning August 2014, individuals claiming a PAYE (Pensioners, etc) Income Tax refund will be required to submit their banking details in order to receive their refunds electronically.

As a result individuals applying for an Income Tax refund are advised to complete the standard Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Client Information Form, reflecting their bank
information. This is to be submitted along with their Income Tax form (IT05) when applying for a refund. Taxpayers should also provide documents verifying their bank account number and type of account. The bank information is necessary as any payment due will be made directly to a commercial bank account, using the EFT system. The GOJ claim forms are efillable and are available online at, at the TAJ Refunds Section located at 116 East Street, Kingston, as well as at Tax Offices island wide.

During the first month of the pilot, the EFT project will focus on claims submitted at the TAJ Refunds Unit. In September the project will be expanded to include such claims received at any of the 29 tax offices across the island.

The Electronic Funds Transfer project will be further extended in 2015 to include GCT refunds.

The EFT project is in keeping with the government’s thrust to improve operations and reduce costs by making payments electronically. By making PAYE and pensioners refund payments directly to bank accounts, rather than incurring the cost of issuing and mailing cheques, Tax Administration Jamaica will be able to decrease its expenses.

For further information persons may call the Tax Administration Customer Care Centre at 1-888-Tax-Help (1-888-829-4357).

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