TAJ carries out another seizure operation against delinquent taxpayers

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has carried out another seizure operation to recover outstanding taxes, bringing to date the fourth operation since the start of the financial year. The latest operation was carried out against Dunn’s Equipment Engineering Limited in Kingston on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 for approximately $1.9 m for outstanding General Consumption Tax (GCT), Education Tax, Company Tax and PAYE.

The action was taken as the company had not honoured its obligations and failed to comply with a Court Order that was issued on February 26, 2014. As a result TAJ, through its Special Enforcement Team (SET), working in collaboration with the court bailiff has seized one (1) vehicle belonging to the company.

Since the start of August, TAJ has seized five (5) company vehicles from companies which breached Court Orders. Vehicles have been seized from VB Williams Reality Company Limited, Shur Power Generators & Engine Manufacturing Company, Gordon & Co. Surveys Limited and the most recent from Dunn’s Equipment Engineering Limited. All four companies have defaulted on their tax obligations, for outstanding payments of various tax types to include GCT, PAYE, Education and Company Tax.

The Special Enforcement Team (SET) is continuing its drive to carry out operations across the island to recover amounts outstanding from delinquent taxpayers, where other enforcement actions have failed.

The tax authority will continue to intensify other enforcement and collections efforts to recover outstanding sums, while increasing taxpayer education and improving service

Taxpayers are therefore encouraged to speak with TAJ to make suitable arrangements, if they are faced with difficulties in honouring their tax obligations, particularly were a
judgement has been handed down by the Court, to avoid enforcement action by the Special Enforcement Team.

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