TAJ to phase in new computerised tax system early next year

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is set to roll out phase one of its new Revenue Administration Information System (RAiS) in February 2015. The two-year RAiS Project is aimed at improving TAJ’s capacity to integrate and administer the various tax systems currently being used. With the new system taxpayers will benefit from a greater interface with the TAJ system.

The phase one rollout, set for February 9, will involve the implementation of General Consumption Tax (GCT) and Special Consumption Tax (SCT), Guest Accommodation Room Tax (GART) and Telephone Call Tax into the new Commercial Off-the-Shelf system. This will allow the public to have an enhanced online experience in eFiling these returns and making payments through the upgraded TAJ web service. The new system will also allow taxpayers to access their account information through the web portal, such as filing and payment history, as well as any notices sent, as it relates to these particular taxes.

On the administrative side, TAJ stands to benefit from having a fully integrated system, which allows for end-to-end workflow of its operations. The new RAiS will allow tax administrators to electronically track tax cases and generate multiple reports.

The current phase of the system is now being tested and training of staff is to begin shortly. Focus group sessions will be held with key stakeholders, such as accountants. In addition further sensitizing of the public will be conducted over the next few weeks, ahead of the February 9, 2015 rollout.

Two other phases will be rolled out in December 2015 and June 2016, respectively, when other tax types will be integrated into the new system.

TAJ is working with FAST Enterprises LLC a US based firm which has rolled out its GenTax application in over 140 projects worldwide, as well as eGov Jamaica Limited (formerly FISCAL Services) to develop and implement the new system, which is scheduled for full implementation by June 2016.

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