Tax Cheat hotline yields positive results

The Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) tax cheat toll-free hotline (1-888-829-2432) continues to bolster the administration’s efforts to identify delinquent practices. For the fiscal year 2013-2014, TAJ raised assessment of $130M for various tax types such as Income Tax, Education Tax and GCT, based on reports received from the public.

The public complaints ranged across different sectors for suspected breaches of underreporting, failure to pay, failure to file, unlawful collection of GCT, false deduction and false/altered documents. In response, the administration has ramped up efforts to manage increased information received. The tax cheat hotline provides an avenue through which persons may confidentially submit information about individuals or companies suspected of not complying with the tax laws. This move by the tax administration is one of the strategies used to widen the tax net and to stem the practice of persons cheating the tax system.

Once the information is received through the tax-cheat hotline, it is recorded by an agent on an Information Referral Form (Tax Cheat Lead Form), which is then forwarded to the Investigation Unit for follow-up. Taxpayers are assured that the information being provided will be confidentially received and discreetly investigated by senior officers within the Administration.

The tax cheat hotline continues to be accessible to the public. Persons are asked to use this medium to report suspected tax cheats and dodgers. The public is also reminded that the caller’s identity is kept confidential and information is not divulged to the public.

For more information or to report Tax Cheats persons can call the tax cheat hotline at (1-888-829-2432).

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