Taxpayer Registration Number(TRN) Frequently Asked Questions


There is no fee involved in obtaining a TRN. Visit any of the 29 Collectorates islandwide and submit an application along with either of the following: Driver's Licence, Passport, National Identification Card with a certified copy of your Birth Certificate and/or Marriage Certificate. Self-employed persons need NIS and BNRC (if trade name is registered).

The completed Organization application form signed by a Director or the Company Secretary must accompany the: Certificate of Incorporation; Articles and Memorandum of Association; NIS Clearance Letter or payment card; TRN of each Director and ID for Signatory Officer.

Yes. Only certified copies of the Marriage Certificate can be used along with any other approved ID.

Return to the TRN office, give details about the business, they will prepare a data sheet; a copy will be given to you.


Yes. Employees' TRNs are to be quoted when annual returns for statutory deductions are submitted.

The completed Organization application form signed by a Responsible Officer or Local Representative must accompany the: Registration or Charter Documents (for companies not registered in Jamaica) Letter of Registration (for companies registered in Jamaica) NIS Clearance Letter, TRN for each director, ID for Signatory Officer.

Yes, non-profit organizations need to apply for a TRN.




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